BMT Services Website

Launch of BMT Service Website

BMT Services Sdn Bhd and BM Trans Services are 2 companies under the BMT Group of Companies, and are collectively referred to BMT Services.

Aligned to our business expansion, we have recently enhanced our BMT Services Website and we’re delighted to announce it’s official launching on 1st August 2020.

One Stop Transportation Solutions Provider

BMT Services offers a comprehensive range of Transportation Management solutions for our clients of local and MNC companies, including Factory Buses and Vans Services (Bas Kilang /Bas Pekerja), Ad-Hoc Transfer Services (VIP Transfer, Group Transfer, Crew Transfer, Private Transfer, etc) and Customizable Total Transportation Solutions development to suit clients’ needs.

Under the same trademark, we are offering value-added services within the scope of Transportation Solutions to our clients, including Manpower Supply and Management, Transportation Management, and Solutions Consulting.

Visit Our Website

Click on the link above to visit BMT Services website and start exploring our wide-range of solutions that can potentially help your organization in increasing work productivity, improve cost-spending, and provide more comfortable and safer transportation arrangements for your employees, clients and partners.

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